Trade mark application in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Patent Office is in charge for trade mark applications in Bulgaria.

In the proceedings before this office, foreign natural and legal persons must be represented by an attorney or an industrial property representative authorised to practice in Bulgaria, for example by our law firm.

Depending on the client’s requirements, we can offer the trade mark registration from BGN 500 (equivalent to around EUR 255) excluding VAT. This includes the trade mark search, the drafting of the application, the filing with the patent office and any correspondence up to registration in the trade mark register. The above legal fee does not include representation in the event of a refusal of the application or opposition by a third party.

In addition to the above, there would be the application fee payable to patent office. This amounts to BGN 520 (EUR 266) for up to three classes and has to be paid in advance.

There is an optional fee of BGN 30 for each additional trade mark class. The issue of a trade mark certificate is also optional – this would cost a further BGN 50.

The usual duration of the procedure (provided the application is not refused or opposed) is approximately 6 months.

Do you have a question about trade mark protection in Bulgaria? Then simply contact us!